Happy New Year!

So, everyone knows that typically, I have been ANTI Resolutions. My reasoning is that it seems silly to make a list, a LONG list of everything wrong with yourself and then somehow, think that this will be the year that Everything changes.

Besides this, people generally make the same three resolutions every year.


We all resolve, every year, to

1. Lose weight. (variations include getting in shape, eating healthy, etc)

2. Get organized. (this will be the year you organize every closet, drawer, and garage/shed and this will be the year it Stays Clean)

3. Save money. (budget, save, invest, be thriftier…blah, blah, blah)

If you don’t think we are one giant yearly cliche, go to Costco, or Walmart, or Sam’s club.  You will see displays including every kind of exercise machine, and next to them, every kind of storage container known to mankind.

This year, I once again decline to make the typical resolutions.

This year, I am going to make New Year’s Wishes. I heard a friend saying that she was going to try this out. Her reasoning was that when you put your thoughts and wishes into the Universe they are more likely to come true. Additionally, the thoughts and ideas you focus on become large in your life.

If you are constantly saying to yourself how fat you are, then that is the thing you are always thinking. So you resolve to lose weight. But how? Do you have a plan? Do you really plan to never eat donuts again? Ever? My guess is that is NOT your plan. Not really. So you don’t stick with your resolution.

Now you’re depressed and concerned because you seem to have no will power.

I say, Use your powers for GOOD! Wish for wonderful! Plan for fun, and awesome.

Things I wish for myself this coming year.

I wish to go to Vegas and see Donny Osmond this year, for example.

I wish to spend more time being grateful.

I wish to have a happy, peaceful year.

Now, your turn!


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