Miss 6 has a New Years Resolution

I am proud to announce, on behalf of Miss 6, that, although it is only the third day of the new year, one resolution has been completed!  (well, almost, but we’re really excited.)

Recently, a peek inside Miss 6’s mouth, and a trip to the dentist revealed that although her new front bottom big girl teeth have arrived, her little baby bottom teeth have failed to make their exit.  They are loose, but still in place and the big teeth are right behind them!

So, we have a New Year’s Resolution- well, Miss 6 does, to get those teeth out of her head before the dentist has to “help” them out.  To facilitate this process, My Dear Husband went out and bought her a Princess Zooble,

which is displayed in a prominent position to maximize motivation, and will be hers upon completion of the Teeth Out Of Her Head Resolution.

Last night, after many, many hours of diligent wiggling, and many reminders from her sisters and parents, part one of the resolution was completed.  (wahoo!)

The tooth fairy visited, and Miss 6 is on to wiggling the next tooth in her quest for the princess zooble of her dreams.

I am thinking there is a lesson in all of this.  If you have made any resolutions this year, don’t forget to reward/congratulate/give yourself the princess zooble of your dreams when you accomplish them, or even take significant steps toward accomplishment.  It takes a lot of motivation and effort to stick to those goals, so small steps and improvements are important.

In closing a small warning.  Don’t get too carried away with this reward system.  It can be a little tempting.  Don’t be like me and get so excited by a ten $ off coupon that you buy the skinny jeans, before you’re skinny or have even lost one pound.  just saying.

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