More Birthdays!

The last week was birthday central.

Dad’s birthday was followed by Maren’s dear Melinda turning 19 and my little Miss 7 turning 8.  Miss 8 probably partied the hardest, although I haven’t confirmed this hypothesis with Dad or Melinda.  But she did manage to extend her birthday into 4 days of fun.  Friday was the day we took treats to her classroom.  Saturday was a friend party.  Sunday was a family party.  Monday was her actual birthday.  (Tuesday was the day I realized it pays to bribe Miss 8 and treat her like a queen because she was really, really, really nice and pleasant during all 4 of those days. . . . I will be remembering this information for future use.)

Anyway, I thought I’d share the pictures of the fabulous and delectable birthday cakes that were made.  Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of Dad’s cake, or even certain knowledge that there was a cake for him, but happily, I do have pictures of Maren’s creation and mine.

Behold, Melinda’s lovely cake, made with fondant.  Because Maren rocks.  As we all know.


And here is Miss 8’s cake.  That I made at 1 am after pulling all my hair out and cursing cake making forever.  But it did turn out quite cute.  In the end.  After my suffering.

(Yes I do realize that I am calling her Miss 8 and her name is written right there on the cake.  oh well.)

And the friend party cupcakes.  Three cheers for my cupcake stand!

I, personally, am glad we will be birthday free for awhile.  (at my house anyway.)  Now, I am going to crochet all the girls some leg warmers.  Wish me luck!

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