To Each His or Her Own

It’s true that my posting of late has been a bit spotty. I been having some difficulties procuring a device with which to blog. Let me explain:

I was using our laptop. Mine and Blair’s. We have typically shared a computer while the kids share a different computer. The division of computer usage came about after one of our children, who shall remain nameless, but I assure you is still alive, deleted every file that said “Dad” on it. We believe said child was temporarily insane, the files, however, were Permanently deleted. This from a kid who cannot seem to operate a soap dispenser….

So, we got the ‘Kid Computer’ and the ‘Parent Computer’.

This worked well, with the exceptions of a few minor skirmishes among the children involving who’s turn it was to use the computer.

When Melinda graduated from High School, we were so excited for a child to actually graduate, we bought her her own laptop.

Then, Blair went to Africa. He took our laptop. I was thinking to share the kid’s laptop, but between the homework (Rachel actually had summer homework) and the fact that there are 5 kids interested in the laptop, I rarely had a chance to get anywhere near the darn thing.

So I bought a Kindle Fire. Excellent for reading, watching Netflix, shopping, and lots of other fun past times. Not great for blogging. Also not great for daycare business programs.

Blair came home with the laptop, but promptly started school and needed said laptop. Daily. The laptop died, so we bought him another one.

Alex came home, and wanted a laptop. He offered to pay to fix the dead one, we agreed and so now he had his own laptop.

(this is getting ridiculous…but there’s more)

I still am having difficulties blogging. And businessing. (yes, I know that is not a word) I was  able to snatch some time on the kid’s laptop, but it was not going well.

I decided to get a tablet.

The tablet is fun…but it’s a lot like the Kindle. Not quite as flexible or functional as I actually need.  In the meantime, I had given my fun Kindle to Blair, thinking that I didn’t need it because of the tablet.

In the tablet’s defense, I probably should have bought a WAAAAAY better one to get everything I needed, but those things are Freaking expensive!

At Christmas, a dear friend gave me a Kindle Fire.

After Christmas, in fact, just last week, I sold my tablet online and marched myself over to an electronics store and got a small, nice, Windows 8 laptop, from which I am now blogging. (By the way, I Adore Windows 8)

I am also happily catching up on all my daycare business, and every other task I was unable to accomplish on the other devices.

So, the other day, we are all sitting in the living room, together. Sort of. Melinda was playing a game on her laptop. Rachel was working on homework on hers. Blair was working on homework on his, I was rewriting my Parent handbook on mine, and Alex was in his room recording music on his.

This is how we roll. And, I strongly suspect, we are not the only ones rolling down this road.

At this moment, there is a gentleman related to me, in my living room, on his laptop.

Good thing he brought his own, because we don’t share:)

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  1. Melody says:

    Glad that you are back online! 🙂

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