Baking and Burning Stuff

First, a little update.

Miss 3 is healing very well from the nightlight encounter.  She has moved on to obsessing over napkins.  A Much Safer Pursuit, if you ask me.

Miss 9’s Valentine’s Day Chicken once again did not win the contest, but hope springs eternal and her spirit is unflagging.

Now, a little story.  For your enjoyment.

See this:


I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking we took a trip to Craters of the Moon and brought back a piece of lava rock as a keepsake.  But look closer. See how this “lava rock” is in a nice 9×13 baking pan?  This lava rock was supposed to be this:

Cherry Cobbler.

My Dear Husband and I tried to make Cherry Cobbler on Saturday night.  We were going to serve it as a decadent fruity breakfast for Sunday morning.  But alas!  After popping it into the oven and setting the timer for 25 minutes, we went downstairs.  When we got downstairs, we turned on the tv.  Unfortunately, we decided to watch a really great movie.

Have you ever seen Sleepwalk With Me?  It’s fantastic.  And Funny.  And it can make you forget all about little things like an oven timer and a cherry cobbler.

When My Dear Husband went upstairs after the movie and let out a shocked, horrified yell, I couldn’t even begin to think what might be bothering him.

Until I saw him opening the oven, and the smoke pouring out. . . . .

However, we did make the best of things.  As we stared glumly at the lava rock that we had created, I poked it with a fork and realized, it wasn’t completely inedible.


See that tiny tad bit of goodness inside?

Two forks and two glasses of milk later, we were feeling much better about our creation.

And then we made monkey bread for Sunday morning breakfast and everything turned out just fine.  : )

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  1. Your bottom tray will burn faster and your top tray might even brown slower, because less heat is making its way up to the top of the oven.

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