Burning More Food!

It’s 4:45 PM and I just figured out that it’s Tuesday.  And I just burned up dinner.

(stop laughing Maren)

Oh Yes! I haven’t shared all of the multitude of times I have burned dinner, dessert, and everything in between, but there is a reason I was unfazed when My Dear Husband and I burned that cobbler to ash the other day.  ahem.


So, I burned dinner, but when you’ve done that as many times as I have, you rally very quickly.  There is already a very nice pot of linguini alfredo with clams sitting on the stove and I’m about to go make salad.

So, if you’re off burning dinner and you read this later, take heart.  Someday, 50, 5000, or 500,000,000,000 burned dinners from now, you won’t be bothered a bit!

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