Old dogs and new puppies

Within in the last month we lost both our 13  year old dog Jack and our 11 year old dog, Jill.  Jack loved to bay like a true bassett.  He was quite smart and could open gates and loved to try to get out of the yard.  He was fast.  And he hated water!


Our Jill was the runt of a litter of 13.  She was not a bright dog, but a very lovable one.  She loved the kids and Jack.  She loved to swim. 


This last weekend we went to look at puppies.  They were darling.  Mr. 9 was in heaven holding and petting and loving those puppies.  My heart melted, too.  Before we went I was not 100% sure I was ready to get attached again, but after visiting them, I was sunk.  So here they are:


The girl


The boy


What a cute face


So cuddly!






The kids are so excited.  They have made a paper chain to count down the days till the puppies can come home.  They also have papers hung up with lots of name ideas:  Calvin and Hobbes, Luke and Leah, Wesley and Buttercup.  Feel free to add your suggestion too.

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