Barry’s Out, Donny’s in…maybe.

Hardly anyone can forget the day I posted those infamous words, “Barry the Dud”.  Go ahead and click on that  if you dare…and once you’re there, read the comments and know that I received about a million hits that week and at least 100 emails. *shudder* I have honestly never been able to stomach a Barry Manilow song again. I just can’t. But, since my chief babysitter, right hand girl, and substitute Me is going on a mission…I feel like I need to get out and have some fun. Enter Donny Osmond. I’ve loved him longer than Barry and have even devoted some of young maren’s journal pages to him. So here we go. It all hangs on this moment. Will he deliver in Vegas? Will he come through in the way that Barry could not? Will I finally realize a life long dream of seeing an ICON perform in Vegas? Are Donny fans as mean as Barry fans? I sure hope not. Sheesh. Talk about a few tacos short of a combo plate. Anyhoo. I am going to Las Vegas next weekend, to give hope another chance. Go Hope!:)

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2 Responses to Barry’s Out, Donny’s in…maybe.

  1. Melody says:

    I hope it is all you dream it to be. (not in a nightmare, a dream, mind you! 😉 )

  2. I hear the D&M Vegas show is the BEST on the strip…so I think you’ll have a wowza time, girl!! Soak it all in and enjoy the heck out of it!!! Nuthin’ wrong with bein’ a Fangirl…I speak from experience!! LOL

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