Miss 1 speaks

Miss 1 has had a growth spurt.

I’m not talking about a physical growth spurt- I’m talking mental.

One day she could say, “mama” and “dad.”  The next day she could tattle on Miss 3 for bonking her on the head with a toy.  Astounding!

Of course, she is accomplishing all of this communication while only being able to say one word at a time.  No sentences.  Just words like “hit,”  “head,” “toy” mixed together with some patting herself on the head and crying profusely.

I’ve noticed a lot can go wrong in this type of communication.  She doesn’t have much control over where the conversation goes.

For instance, the other day she tried to tattle on one of her aunts.  I had asked this aunt to hold her while I helped Miss 3 who had sand in her shoes.  So, like any good aunt, she held onto Miss 1, despite the wiggling and squirming to get away.

When I walked back over to Miss 1 she tried her best to tattle.  “Auntie” she said with a dark look.

I responded by saying, “Oh we love Auntie don’t we.  She held you for mommy.  She’s so nice.”

I swear Miss 1’s face looked like this:

What you talkin bout mama?!

I think she is really looking forward to expressing herself in sentences.





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