The BIG BUG slayer

Yesterday Miss 3 ran up to me very excited.  “Mom, I need to get a shoe.  There is a BIG BUG in the kitchen.”

I was tentative. “Do you want to get daddy?”  I asked.

She was assertive.  “I can do it!” she yelled. She took off running into her room toward the shoe box.

(If it was me, I would’ve been searching for some kind of big black boot, but she came out with this:)

bugslayer shoe2

I shrugged and waited to see what would happen.

Pretty soon, she came running back with this:

bugslayer shoe

(See the “BUG?”)

I stifled laughter as she proudly displayed the “bug” she had stomped.

“What kind of bug is it Mom?”

I squinted at the piece of dead grass, she thought was a dead bug.  “Ummm, a grass bug?” I said hesitantly.

She raced to the kitchen to display her trophy to daddy.  ‘I killed a BIG GRASS BUG daddy!  It almost got my jammies, but I got it!”

A huntress in the making.

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