We’ve Been Freaking Busy!

So, the big thing over here is that Melinda is serving an LDS mission. As a result of this, we’ve been very lazy with our blog. Carrie and Lynn were both HERE last weekend, helping with what turned out to be a HUGE event. My house is approximately 2200 square feet, and we managed to fit nearly 90 people in this place! It was fabulous! Lynn manned the buffet line, Blair gave tours of the garage, Carrie chased little girls and Tim, and I answered questions, greeted guests, and put out fires:)

My two girls sang a song Carrie arranged for us. It was touching and wonderful.


Melinda’s leaving in less than two weeks. I’m mostly taking it well because I’m not thinking about it too much. We’ve bought her skirts and dresses and shoes. Grandma gave her some luggage. She’s got books, and towels…

I keep thinking, are we ready? Do we have everything. Does she have everything? Is *she* ready?

And by ready, I mean, did I tell her enough, show her enough? Teach her enough? Will she remember? Will she miss me?

I will miss her. She’s been my right hand girl for the last year. Chief cook at the daycare, and the indoor baby-watcher. In fact, one little 5 yr old, upon finally understanding that Melinda is moving out, asked, “Who will make us lunch?”

Good question.

Who will make us lunch?

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  1. Melody says:

    Exciting. And scary. Happy. and Sad. So many emotions!! One day at a time…..

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