A Few Benefits to Nudity

For quite some time now I’ve been thinking,

Wouldn’t it just be easier not to dress Miss 3?   Luckily, Miss 3 is in complete agreement with me.

I mean, think about it.  Human skin is so durable.  It wipes off easily.  It rarely stains- especially since Miss 3 is too young to drive herself to a tattoo artist and I don’t let permanent markers in my door. It dries quickly.  It doesn’t really retain odor, unless you count skunks, and Miss 3 hasn’t had any trouble with one of those.  (atleast not yet anyway).

On the other hand, her clothes are stained, stretched, chewed, holey, smelly, and well, ruined.

So I find myself concluding that nudity is a good thing.

Plus there’s the added bonus of how cute she is streaking from place to place in the buff!

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