Bliss With Kids

In the chaos that was last week, there was a bright spot and it was Saturday morning.

Saturday was our 12th Anniversary.  (cue applause!  yay us!)

Because our week was terrible we had nothing planned, which is highly unusual for us.

So when I woke up and My Dear Husband was not lying beside me, I really thought he had cut and run off to the wilderness to have some much deserved time alone.  a.k.a went fishing.

I was greatly surprised when I got out of the shower and he was actually home!  and had prepared breakfast in bed!

We shut the door against the little voices in the hall and he told me he had set out breakfast for the girls as well, so we could have a peaceful, uninterrupted breakfast date.

Isn’t it bliss to have those sudden unexpected moments of enjoying each other?

It lasted about 2 minutes.

Then Miss 8 burst through the door, sobbing, and yelled, “Miss 6 says she is never going to call me anything but Hi Poopy Head ever again!”

ah, bliss!  : )

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