Miss 1 and the shoes

Miss 1 is officially 2.  Oh no, it’s not her birthday.  The age of 2 doesn’t require an actual birthday to occur.

It requires a tantrum.

Miss 1 is a crazy shoe fanatic.  She stuffs her little round feet into anything they don’t fit in.  And sometimes she wears things that do fit.

She has grown so big (or Miss 3 hasn’t grown at all) that she fits in Miss 3’s shoes.  (They are actually sharing all their clothes these days).  She has been wearing a very cute little pair of pink heart sandals.  And she has been in shoe nirvana.

At least I thought she was, until she wore a pair of shiny black patent leather Sunday shoes.  I have never seen a baby looking so proud as she was in those shoes.

Which brings us to the tantrum.

On Monday morning, she woke right up and started chanting, “shoes, shoes, shoes!”

Since it wasn’t Sunday anymore and I really don’t want the shiny patent leathers to go outside and get ruined, I reached for the pink heart sandals that were previously the object of such bliss.

W.O.W.  She can really let out a high pitched scream when she’s ticked.  She absolutely DID NOT WANT THE PINK SANDALS.  She was so determined!

The huge tantrum that resulted led her right back to her bed for a brief time out.  (I needed a timeout too, so that my hearing could come back).

I suppose I am as determined as she is because after the tantrum, I still didn’t want her to wear the shiny Sunday shoes.

But we were able to compromise with a little white pair of tennis shoes.  This morning those were the ones she wanted and when she put them on she yelled, “Mine, mine mine!’

Oi Vey!  This baby is definitely 2!

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