On Motherhood and Minesweeper

So, tomorrow is the big day at Maren’s house.  April 10th.  MTC Day for Melinda.

Let me just recommend that if you live in her area, you go ahead and drop off chocolate, or a quick hug, or both.  It’s not easy to say good bye to your baby, even when you know it’s for an excellent cause.

Which, in a round about way that I won’t bother to explain at this time, brings me to a topic that has been on my mind.

Mothering is a minefield, ain’t it?

It reminds me of this old computer game:

(You remember Minesweeper, right?)

In motherhood (or working with kids closely in any other profession) you are pretty much one click away from blowing up all the time.

I thought it was just me.  I thought it was because I have, dare I say it, an all girl family.  I thought to myself,

‘If I didn’t have all these girls, someone wouldn’t start crying every single time   I open my mouth.’

But just when I thought my hypothesis was true, new evidence has disproved my theories.  It’s not just because of my girls!  It’s because I’m a MOM!

I have mentioned that I teach piano lessons.  Well, I teach twins, a boy and a girl.  In the middle of our lesson last week, I was explaining (gently, not unkindly) to the little girl that she needed to practice more before the next lesson.  She cried.  Of course.

I comforted her a little, waited for her to compose herself, and we moved on.

Then it was time for her brother’s lesson.  I gave him the same little practice more speech I gave her. But there was no crying!

‘Ah ha!’  I thought to myself!  ‘Everyone is crying in my house because they’re girls!  It’s a minefield of girls!’

Little did I know. I later discovered that the little boy did cry.  He just went home and cried to his mother!

My theory was disproved and I realized, these kids don’t cry because they’re girls, they cry because they’re little children!

It’s happening to all of us moms and teachers and childcare workers!  It’s doesn’t mean we’re terrible, it just means it takes a lot of tears to grow up.

I also ran across this helpful little blog, that further opened my eyes.


hilarious!  and true!  I’m right there with ya, sister!  (we all are. . . .)



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