The Big Clean Out

It has been my m.o. (modus operandi…the way I operate) to want to clean like a crazy when a kid leaves home or when kids leave for any extended period of time, for example, Girl’s Camp, Scout Camp, etc. Somehow it’s a lot easier to clean the kids out when they are not there.

When they are there:

Me: Throw that away.

Them: But I use it ALL the time, it’s my favorite thing, I can’t live without it!

Me: I found it under your bed with an inch of dust on it.

Them: Huh. I’ve been wondering what happened to it.

Hours later, we have made zero progress, and the room is not clean.

When they are not there:

Me: I’m going to throw that away.

(item gets thrown away, room is clean in a short amount of time)

This last week, with Melinda gone, I’ve been cleaning out her room.

Side note: We’ve always referred to Melinda’s room as the “Bat Cave”, for several reasons:

Melinda likes to sleep in the total dark but there is a street lamp across the street that shines directly into her room. She had hung a blanket over her window to darken the room, and it really did the trick. That room was like a cave, even in the daytime. Add to that Melinda does not like anyone in her room. Not parents, not kids, not friends.

No. One.

But. Melinda is not here:) And so I went IN. Ha Ha!!!:)

And now it is clean, clean, clean. And it went so well, that I went ahead and did the boy’s room. Next, the front hall closet.

My only problem is the whole cliché thing…

Does this qualify as Spring Cleaning?




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2 Responses to The Big Clean Out

  1. Melody says:

    “My only problem is the whole cliché thing…

    Does this qualify as Spring Cleaning?”

    Not if you don’t want it to. But if you do, absolutely. Otherwise, call me, we’ll think of an alternate title 🙂

  2. Charleen Jackson says:

    Spring? What spring? If you want to count it, do. If not, no, it’s just “Melinda has left” cleaning with an over spillage into the boy’s room and hall closet. You’re good either way.

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