What a Health Challenge and Fighting with Blair Have in Common

Carrie texted me Saturday night and asked if I was planning to do Hannah Keeley’s Health Challenge. (Click on that for the gory details.) I am a big HK fan, and so am debating my respect and like of her, with my distaste of what I perceive to be a community weight loss ordeal.

In order to keep an open mind and perhaps bond with my dear sister over Healthy Living, I mentioned to Blair (we were at a play at our local University) that I would like to stop by the grocery store to pick up a few supplies HK had mentioned would be part of Monday’s Day 1. **on a side note, the play was HILARIOUS! I would recommend it, but that was closing night….sorry:)**

After the play, we made our stop, Blair having indicated his desire to purchase milk. We went in, got a cart, and headed for produce to buy spinach. **earlier in the day, Blair and I had had a serious budgeting discussion where we had both agreed on some changes to be made. I am in charge of bill paying, and had made some suggestions that we both agreed to** this is important…..


Me: Let’s get some spinach. (I picked up a bag of prewashed spinach and toss it in the cart)
Blair: Is baby spinach different from regular spinach?
Me: not really. As we are walking away from produce…
Blair: Fine. I know you don’t care about money.
Me: What?
Blair: Baby spinach was on sale, but I know you don’t care about that.
Me: Why didn’t you say it was on sale?
Blair: If you don’t care, I don’t care.
Me: What? (I say ‘what’ a lot)
I’m bugged because ‘is baby spinach different’ does not mean ‘baby spinach is on sale’. He is bugged because apparently the baby spinach is on sale. I’m bugged because I most DEFINITELY care about the money. In fact, that was the point of our discussion earlier. He is bugged because baby spinach is on sale and baby spinach is NOT what is in our cart.
Me: We can go back and get baby spinach. Let’s go back.
Blair: No. I’m fine. This is fine. Let’s just go.
Me: I don’t want you to be unhappy about spinach.
Blair: I’m perfectly happy, I don’t care about spinach. By this time, I not only don’t want spinach, but I would like a freaking pint of ice cream and a large diet Pepsi.

Well, it blew over by the time we got to dairy to get the milk. We were getting along great by the time we got to crackers/cookies. We left without ice cream. Or Pepsi. Now, about Hannah Keeley…. Apparently, I still need Kefir. What I don’t know is:

What is Kefir?


Is it on sale?


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