A Little More on Nudity

Yesterday I went out to lunch with a couple girl friends.  We went to a place with a play place so our kiddos could play.  (like that sentence?)

It was an impromptu get together and because of Miss 3’s nudity I had to improvise a little on her clothes.  In other words, she had peed through everything in the house (her undies and all of her sisters’ undies) and I had no idea what to put on her that might possibly be presentable!

I stole Miss 6’s last pair of underwear.  I fished a pair of size 4 pants out of the top of the closet.  Miss 3 is almost 4, but she is only in size 2T, so I was amazed that the pants seemed to fit pretty well, all things considered.  (they didn’t immediately slump down around her ankles).

We were dressed and out the door.  I got my Diet Coke.  The girls got french fries and went off to play.  All was well, until (wait for it) Miss 3 started getting nervous about the slide.  (No, she didn’t slide out of her pants, you still have to wait for it).  She kept trying to come out to complain about the slide and to check in with me, but she wasn’t quite strong enough to open the door.  (I wasn’t in the play place with her, because there was no seating when we got there.  I was watching through the glass.)

Anyway (here it comes!)  I went over, opened the door, scooped her in my arms and carried her over to the table.

Unbeknowsst to me, I was holding her in a way that made her loose size 4 pants slip right down and I flashed her naked backside to the whole restaurant.  (Awesome, huh?)

So, now I have this song stuck in my head:


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