More Carpool Games

It’s carpool, carpool, and more carpool over here.  We’ve burned out on Adele, moved through KT Tunstall, and blasted off more times than I can count.

Now we’ve only got one more month and we’re still going strong.

(a moment of silent gratitude for diet coke)

The kiddos have come up with yet another new game.  It’s very simple.  They wave and wave out the back window and count how many times everyone waves back.

I love listening to them.  They laugh and cheer and yell things like,

‘This one’s gonna get us to 100!’

‘Alright, lady, Come on!’

‘I can see food in the car, but they’re too busy eating to wave.  Hey, dump truck man, put down that fruit!’

It’s also fun to see how people react.  Some people stare straight ahead like they can’t see a thing going on, even though my van is rocking back and forth and practically jumping off the road, and little arms are waving like crazy out the windows.

Other people simply can’t help themselves, and they wave back over and over, while my kiddos go crazy, gleefully racking up their points.

Me, I am in the front seat, sipping Coke and pretending I don’t have a clue what those little nutballs are up to.  But if I run across a van full of little wavers, I will definitely try to get them to 100.

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