An Awesome Game of Hangman

Everyone remembers the game Hangman, right?  (You know how it goes- you have to guess the correct letters to reveal a secret word and every time you guess one wrong, you get a little closer to hanging a poor little stick man.  Yep, that’s the one.)

So, yesterday I left my kidlets with a babysitter.  They played School and Hangman and Twister.  They had tons o’ fun.

And apparently when they were playing Hangman they learned a new word.

A new bad word.


Awesome, isn’t it?

It was even more awesome when they were telling me about it and Miss 4 was jumping up and down yelling, “We said SH*T!  we said SH*T!  It’s a bad word!”

Poor little babysitter.  : )  I probably don’t pay her enough . . . . .

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