Bento Box

I have to admit something.   I am probably almost certainly the world’s most boring mom when it comes to making lunches.  Every single day I feed the girls a peanut butter sandwich, an apple, and crackers, pretzels, or a carrot.  The cracker, pretzel, carrot is pretty much the only variety I offer.

And I don’t really bother making it look cute.  I don’t cut their sandwiches in triangles, I don’t cut off the crusts, and I don’t add any fancy dips for the apples or the carrots.

For the most part, this works out perfectly because my girls are the world’s most boring kids when it comes to eating.  We are a perfect match!

That is why I ignored him when my dear husband tried to tell me about these cute lunches:


They’re called “Bento Box Lunches”

(and if you are interested Pinterest is overflowing with ideas.)

Recently, I went out of town, so my dear husband had free reign over the lunches.  He is quite possibly the absolute opposite of me when it comes to making lunches.  The girls were fascinated when he made them little sweet rice balls that looked like mice, and cut their apples into bunnies.

Here’s my husband’s foray into Bento Box making:


Pretty cute, eh?  I think the girls liked ’em.  So, if you find yourself getting bored with lunches over the summer, and if you are the opposite of me, you want might to try your hand at making your kiddos these cute little Bento lunches.  Have fun!


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