Roller coaster Motherhood!

This post is for all of you moms out there who are trying to get a handle on motherhood.  Or who feel bad about screaming at your kiddos.  I don’t usually try to offer a lot of advice, but here I go.

I think that if motherhood is like a roller coaster, it is only a constant repetition of that first hill.  You know how it is.  You start out all relaxed and happy, leaning back in your seat with a cool breeze touching your face.  Then you pause for a moment on the top of the hill, and for that moment, you enjoy an amazing view, a perfect vista of all that lies before you.  The next moment, before you can even take a breath, you are plunging down at break neck speed, holding on tight, and screaming your brains out.

Yep, that’s motherhood.  Over and over and over again.

Here’s an example.  Yesterday I was heading up the peaceful hill.  It was wonderful.  The girls and I were once again hanging out in the kitchen.  I was making cherry scones for lunch.  Everything was on the table.  All the girls were happy.  I thought I would slip away for just a moment and grab a quick shower. . . . .

Fast forward to me standing in the kitchen, dripping wet, in my underwear, screaming like a lunatic and sweeping ants and crumbs out the back door!

(my dear husband choose that exact moment to come home from work for lunch, poor, poor soul.)

That’s right.  I plunged right down from happy baking and relaxed shower.  I rode a crazy tide of little-girl induced “there are bugs in the kitchen” hysteria.

It.  Was.  Awful.

But wait.

Fast forward again a few more hours!  My Dear Husband comes home for dinner.  

(I don’t know how he was brave enough to come back after the lunch episode but he was!  What a hero!)

All the little girls are sitting up at the breakfast bar, happily learning to roll tortillas.




See how not crazy we are?  We were headed uphill again at a slow, leisurely pace and loving every minute of it.

We won’t discuss what happened a few hours later. . . .

Days like this make me realize.  I am not a lunatic.  I am doing pretty good.  I am just on a sort of uncontrollable motherhood ride.

So hang on tight everybody!  Don’t fly out of your seat!  And don’t feel bad if you let out a scream or two from time to time.

That’s what you’re supposed to do on a roller coaster ride!


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