Sum sum summertime = Reunion time

Summertime around here always means the annual Jack family reunion!  Super fun times. We drove down through southwest Colorado…an area that has wildfires in the vicinity.  My boys said “we were driving towards Mordor”  photo (2)(LOTR reference for those who don’t know).

The Jack reunion this year included a fourth of July parade–Mr 10 rode on it.  The rest of us helped decorate.parade 1 parade 2   In addition to the parade, there was a downtown main street complete with post office, beauty shop, saddle shop (leather working), a bakery and a hardware store.

leather works 2

Leather shop

leather works 3

Littler kids at the leather shop

leather works

More of the big kids

hardware store reunion

Building bird feeders at the hardware store


Finished bracelets


One for Mr. 16’s girlfriend


An uncle at the beauty shop

beauty shop reunion

The beauty shop


Frosting cookies at the bakery

Other fun included homemade bow and arrows archery and water kickball, the bases were wading pools and home plate was a slip and slide.     kickball       There were also side car rides       ssidecar rides card playing card playing



and a beard contest to round out the fun.  beard contest

If your family has never had a reunion, I highly recommend them!  Tons of crazy family fun and amazing memories!

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2 Responses to Sum sum summertime = Reunion time

  1. Kirstine Rash says:

    I agree. Family reunions are tons of crazy fun

  2. amanda rogers says:

    Did Alexys take any video? I am hoping she does another video of another Jack reunion.

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