Family Vacation!

We just got back home from our Summertime Grand Finale Family Reunion Vacation!

It was Fabulous!

We meandered our way down to the Grand Canyon, over to the Vegas Strip, and westward to the glorious beaches of California.  It was road trip bliss.

Now, I have known some families who think that family vacations aren’t really worth it when the kids are little.  It can truly be daunting to pack your minivan with 10 days worth of clothes, food, activities, and miscellany for an entire family.  (Not to mention the frightening amount of m&m’s and Diet Coke you know you will consume to stay awake on the drive, and the dieting that will need to occur after the consumption, but maybe that’s just me….)

At one point, while My Dear Husband was shoving pushing our double stroller up the steep, narrow, Bright Angel Point Trail that led to the Canyon overlook, we even had a nice man point out to us that our kiddos wouldn’t remember any of it. (wasn’t that sweet of him?)  He wanted to know why we were there.  ahem.

His comment got me thinking.  Of course some of our kiddos will remember.  Miss 10 and Miss 8 won’t forget everything.  And Miss 6 will probably have flashes of recollection aided by years of looking at family photos of the trip.  But Miss 4 and Miss 2?  Not a chance.

So why were we out there?  Why did I spend two weeks making travel notebooks and mileage treats for a 20+ hour drive?  Why did we fork over our hard earned cash for gasoline, hotel rooms, Disneyland, and beach toys?  Why did we willingly lock ourselves into a van with 5 children and head off for parts unknown?

I’ll tell you why.

Because I will remember.  And My Dear Husband will remember.  And just because we are parents doesn’t mean we’re not alive.  I am still kicking over here!

I freakin’ loved our vacation!  It was absolutely splendid to have so many family members all in one place, enjoying each other’s company.  Little cousins were running around, turning into best friends.  Sisters and brothers were playing games and laughing over family stories.

Not to mention the fact that when I finally laid eyes on that Grand Canyon, the amateur geologist inside of me nearly passed out with joy.

And then there was Disneyland.  That place really is the happiest place on earth! Disneyland’s Cinderella was so nice to my girls that she brought tears to my eyes.  Plus, I experienced some kind of unexplainable peaceful nirvana when I got to ride Space Mountain by myself.


So, here’s my advice for the day.  Family Vacation?  Totally worth it!  Worth it for the kids and worth it for you, parents and grown ups!

Start planning now.  School has just begun, but before you know it, summertime will be here again.  And I think you’re going to want to go on a Family Vacation.  : )

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