Football Season Advice

Photo: I'm not really that bad with football, but Camille thinks I am, so this is for her.

So, I need some advice, and it’s about football season.

I can’t believe I’m going to ask this, and you probably won’t believe it after I ask it, but how exactly do I go about ignoring My Dear Husband?

I am a DENVER Broncos fan.  Actually, fan doesn’t quite feel like enough of a word, but there ya’ go.  Despite my adoration, I have not always been diligent about watching every game.  Mostly because I refuse to pay for television.  So, I watch when I can get reception on my super crappy “don’t get me started on the Digital Television Transition because it sends me into a rage” tv antennae.

Anyway, I married My Dear Husband knowing full well that he couldn’t care less about football.  (Unless you count a weird fixation on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which I don’t because he’s not from Florida or anywhere near there and how’d he choose that team anyway?!)

Which brings me to my need for advice.  Recently I have been getting back into trying to watch whatever free Bronco game will actually appear on my tv.  Last night I raced through dinner and cleaning up the kitchen so I could plop myself down to enjoy an opening game against the Baltimore Ravens. (We kicked their butts, by the way.  GO BRONCOS!)

My Dear Husband plopped himself down at the computer.

I watched and cheered and yelled and even got two of my little girls involved (always nice to see young rising fans of the Denver Broncos emerging!)  But about 10:30 or so, I looked over at My Dear Husband, who was still sitting at the computer.

I realized I hadn’t spoken to him in 3 1/2 hours and he was starting to look bored.  (I have no idea whether or not he really was bored, but he looked bored to me and that is what matters here.)

I started to feel a little bit bad.  We usually sit together and eat popcorn and watch episodes of whatever series we are currently binge-watching on Netflix.  And here I was, sitting and enjoying, but enjoying alone.  I started to not enjoy a little bit, despite the fact that as I mentioned earlier, we were kicking the butts of the Ravens!  How could I not enjoy?!

My Dear Husband will never start loving football. I will never stop loving the Denver Broncos.  He doesn’t begrudge me watching and says he likes to see me having fun (since I have few other hobbies).  I know this problem only exists between my own two ears, in my own brain.  So how do I go about ignoring My Dear Husband?  I need a bit of that tunnel vision that so many football fans get when they hone in on their favorite teams!  I need to become a football watching, nothing comes between me and my game, nacho-eating maniac.

Any advice?


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