Advice and Love Abound

The “how to ignore My Dear Husband during football season” advice is in.  Thank you for your texts and phone calls.

It looks like football fans are a pretty tough group.  The advice I was given was, while friendly, definitely firm.  Apparently I need to, ahem, “man up and grow a pair.”  And “cowboy up and just watch my darn game.”

Now, lest you thing the advice that came in was only tough, it also included a bit of love.  Yesterday I saw a cute little fedex woman jogging up to my door with an unexpected package.

Here’s what was inside:

Denver Broncos 12'' Melamine Chip & Dip Tray - Navy Blue

Attached was a note that read, “eat some freakin’ nachos!”

(feel the love?)

If you want me, I’ll be at the store buying nacho cheese.


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