Welcome Fall, and Hello Again Blog

Hello friends! Hello little blog. I’ve missed you. Thought a lot about you, but somehow was unable to devote the few minutes it would take to visit. The summer was a speedy race on a short track down a steep hill. It consisted of snacks and lunches and wading pools and laundry and lots and lots of small children. There were chatty teens, a ridiculously busy husband, and sweltering days. I vaguely remember an anniversary and a couple of birthdays.

As most of you know, we were the blessed recipients of central air conditioning. I would like to thank everyone whose money and efforts made that possible. Your generosity eased Timothy’s life and reduced his seizure activity tremendously.  I can hardly wrap my head around the caring, and compassion shown to our family and our precious Tim this summer. And really, Tim’s whole life. One of his gifts to us has been the love we witness that gravitates toward him from friends and strangers alike. Kind smiles and words, warm wishes for his well being, and the many people who treat him like a precious angel. It would be easy to be disgusted by some of his potentially off-putting behaviors.  Drooling is no one’s favorite thing…. and the random hysterical laughter during quiet moments at church could be disconcerting. But, so far, we haven’t ever seen anyone treat us or Tim with anything but Charity. Our Savior’s love is magnified through the love of our friends, neighbors, and those who are strangers to us. We are blessed. Thank you.

And, then, there’s the rest of our life. Home improvement is the word of the day, and I hope very soon to have pictures, a video tour, and party dates and invites.

Our oldest son moved out.  He thinks he’s a grown-up. Melinda is doing great on her mission, I swear to do better at posting letters. Rachel is knee deep in homework, Jessica got a good part in the school play, Daniel is happily being 13, Timothy is at this moment trying to sneak Blair’s straw away from him, and Nick is…well…let’s just leave it at he’s wearing pants. Regularly. Yippee!

I promise to be here more regularly. I miss it more than I like to admit. It’s a treat I’ve missed, and a part of me I’ve neglected woefully.

Thanks again my friends. You rock.:)

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