A Surprise Birthday Frog

I am used to little kiddos being excited about birthday presents and surprises, but I was unprepared for what my girls were doing last week before my own birthday.

One by one they kept sneaking up to me and saying,

“You’re going to be sooo sad when you open your presents.”

I was thinking, “sad?  really?  did you say what I think you said?  what the what?”

They continued to warn me that I would be sad, possibly feel bad, and definitely need to have a good cry.

It.  Was. Weird.

Even at the last moment, right before the actual birthday cake and presents, one of them tiptoed up behind me, shaking her head, and whispered, “I really mean it, Mom.  You’ll be sad.”

Needless to say I was curious.  (and a teeny tiny bit creeped out.)

It all became clear, the moment I opened this:

037I know what you’re thinking.  You’d cry too if you got a bag of rocks for your 30-something birthday, right?

Well, actually I did tear up.  You see, I used to have a sweet little aquatic frog that would croak in the night.  My college roomie and I got him with another frog and a beta.  The other frog and the beta died and since he was the lone survivor I named him Szhivko, which means live in Bulgarian.  Eventually, as must always happen with the little pets we love so much, he really did croak and I had to bury him in the backyard.  By the begonias.  *tearful sigh*

I was really attached to the little guy and I have been waiting for a certain long-living guppy to kick the bucket so that I could use the fish bowl for a new little frog.

So I did tear up, especially when my bag of rocks was accompanied by:




The girls were right.  I did cry just a little.

Today, I am heading off to Petsmart to buy a new little frog.

Now I just need to decide what to name him.  Any suggestions?


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