Cleaning Made Easy

I have been planning to clean bathrooms all week, but everyday I find a good reason to procrastinate.  For example, yesterday I told myself it was bathroom cleaning day, but then I made this wreath instead:

wreathreally cute, isn’t it?

So when I pulled out of my driveway yesterday to run errands, my front porch looked all fall-ish and seasonal!

However, when I walked into my bathroom this morning, I saw that it was still a mess, and frankly, that was a bit of a downer.

So this morning I resolved to take care of it, posthaste!

I got out all my cleaning supplies and headed in there with Miss 2 trailing me, begging to watch me and to help me.  With the first squirt of Windex, Miss 2 started cheering.  She jumped, she clapped, she yelled.

“Yay, Mama, Yay!  I love you, I love you, I love you!”

It was awesome!  Her enthusiastic encouragement spurred me on through the drudgery of toilet brush swishing and shower stall scrubbing.

As I finished up, Miss 2 said, “your bathroom all clean Mama, your bathroom so pretty.”

It was more motivational than I could have imagined!

Maybe I should get her some tiny pompoms and share her with the neighborhood. . .

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