Snack Time!

It’s been awhile hasn’t it?!  Funny how time slips away from us when we get all busy with remodeling parts of our houses (Maren) sending kiddos off to college (Lynn), and. . . .  and . . . . . well, to tell you the truth, I don’t have a great excuse for not posting, except for changing diapers.  That counts, right?

Well, anyway, I am currently being hounded by Miss 2 for a constant stream of snacks.  She is very rapidly outgrowing Miss 4 and is the first baby I’ve ever had who is actually in the size of clothes that matches her age!  And I think it’s because she is also the first baby I’ve had who likes to eat.

Every morning at about 10:00  it goes something like this:

Miss 2:  Mom!  I want a snack!

I agree and then she starts the pestering.

Miss 2:  I want a popcorn snack.

If I don’t respond quickly enough and by that I mean, if I don’t respond at the speed of light, she tries again with different emphasis.

Miss 2:  I want a popcorn snack.  I want a popcorn snack.  I waaaaant a popcorn snaaaaaaaack.  I want a popcorn snack.

How can I possibly resist this?  Everyday I pop her a bag of microwave popcorn and then she asks for chocolate milk.  I do not even try to withstand her pleas.  I just hurry to get out the milk before she starts changing emphasis!

You can imagine my surprise about 5 minutes ago when she suddenly changed her request.

She just ran up to me and said, “Mom, I want  a snack!”

I agreed and started to pull out the popcorn, but she had other ideas in mind.

Miss 2:  Mom!  I want an M & M snack!

Strangely enough, I actually have M & M’s in my house and this sounds like such a good idea, I think I am going to go join her for a snack.  (quickly, before she changes emphasis!) If you want us, we’ll be here, lazing around and enjoying M & M’s, chocolate milk and of course, Diet Coke!


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